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Rat Pack Comedy from Joey Bishop

rat-pack-joey2Most of the comedy performed on stage by the Rat Pack was written by comedian and Rat Pack member Joey Bishop.  Early in his career, he was part of a comedy team with his older brother, and then became a solo act, working nightclubs around the U.S.  In the early 50’s, he started opening for Frank Sinatra, and then joined up with Frank, Dean, Sammy, and Peter Lawford, although he didn’t have a partying lifestyle as intense as theirs. 

In addition to performing on stage with the guys at the Sands in Las Vegas, Joey also appeared in some of the Rat Pack movies.  He had a sitcom called The Joey Bishop Show on NBC and CBS, and hosted a late night talk show on ABC, on which his co-host and announcer was Regis Philbin.  Joey was the last surviving Rat Pack member, passing away at the age of 89 in 2007, approximately 40 years after starring in those legendary Rat Pack shows made history in Las Vegas.