Origins of the Rat Pack’s Ocean’s Eleven

rat-pack-oceans-11Ocean’s Eleven is the best known of the series of movies featuring the original Rat Pack.  The idea to film it originated with actor Peter Lawford, who  had purchased the screenplay and brought it to Frank Sinatra.  Figuring it would be a good project for him and his pals, Frank put it in motion.  Then, since all the action would take place in Las Vegas, Frank decided that he and his co-stars should film by day and perform at the Sands at night.  He decided that the gathering on the Sands showroom stage would be a summit, much like the political summit planned by world leaders at that time.  And the “summit” is a name he actually preferred to Rat Pack. 

Once plans for the shows were announced, every hotel room in Las Vegas was booked.  Each night,  Frank, Dean and Sammy performed and partied on stage along with Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford.  The shows were lively and unpredictable, and it’s those shows that are re-created today by Rat Pack  Tribute groups.


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