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A Rat Pack Wife Departs

Altovise Davis was Sammy Davis Jr.’s third wife, and together they had reached their twentieth wedding anniversary five days before Sammy passed away at age 64 in 1990, after battling a devastating case of throat cancer.  That was nineteen years ago.  This week, on March 14th,  Altovise Davis passed away after suffering a stroke. 

She was a dancer and actress who met Sammy while both were performing in musicals on Broadway, with Sammy starring in Golrat-pack-sammy-altoviseden Boy.  Altovise later worked as a dancer in Sammy’s show.  They were married in a court house in Philadelphia in 1970 and together, they had an adopted son named Manny.  Altovise Davis was 65.   From a tribute to The Rat Pack.