A film about the Rat Pack leader

Frank - cigaretteIt’s now been widely reported that one of the main focuses of every Rat Pack Tribute, Frank Sinatra, will be the subject of a feature film to be produced and directed by Martin  Scorsese, to be called Sinatra.  The script will be by Phil Alden Robinson, who wrote the emotional fantasy Field Of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, along with the thriller Sneakers with Robert Redford, and a fanciful comedy called All Of Me, starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin.   

The film Sinatra will not feature Rat Pack Impersonators.  The actor most likely to land the lead role at this point is believed to be Leonardo DiCaprio, who has a long association with Scorsese.  Other names being tossed around include Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Harry Connick Jr., and Mark Anthony.  One name we haven’t heard mentioned is Robert Downey Jr., a skilled and versatile actor who could also probably pull it off.


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