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The Second Rat Pack Movie

Sergeants 3

Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey and Peter followed up Oceans 11 with a film called Sergeants 3, which was a remake of the 1939 film Gunga Din.  The remake, set in the American West, was supposed to be known as Soldiers 3, but that title was already owned by another film studio.

Also appearing in the movie were Oceans 11 stars Henry Silva and Buddy Lester, plus actress Ruta Lee and three of Bing Crosby’s sons, Dennis, Phil and Lindsay.

In Sergeants 3, Frank, Dean, Joey and Peter play cavalry officers, with Sammy as a cavalry bugler, and all of them are up against hostile Indians.  The inspiration for Sergeants 3, Gunga Din was a dramatic film, but much of the action in Sergeants 3 is for laughs. 

Although there were two more Rat Pack films after this one, Sergeants 3, along with Oceans 11 were the only Rat Pack films that featured all five Rat Pack members, with Frank, Dean and Sammy re-created on stage today by groups like this  Rat Pack Tribute Cast.