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Portraits Of The Rat Pack

There are many photos, posters and paintings perpetuating the images of the Rat Pack members, both individually and together.  One unique collection of Rat Pack images are the work of a fine artist in California named Ms. Bruni Sablan.  She has created over 1300 paintings of famous music stars and musicians, among them Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.  The artist calls her collection the Jazz Masters Series, and it includes the portrait of Dean Martin seen above.

Along with her portrait of Dean, Ms. Sablan created a couple of portraits of Sammy, one of which is shown here.  And by the look of his derby hat and body language, he appears to be performing his classic song and dance number Mr. Bojangles

Although the artist only displays one work of Dean and two of Sammy, her collection of Frank Sinatra portraits is quite extensive.  They show Frank at many different ages, from the young crooner to The  Chairman of the Board and Ol’ Blue Eyes.  And each one of the Sinatra paintings is named for a popular Sinatra song, like the one shown here, called Too Marvelous For Words.

For a complete look at Bruni Sablan’s Jazz Masters Series and her numerous other works, visit her on the Web at  And visit the home of a popular Rat Pack Tribute Show, also helping to perpetuate the images of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr.