The Original Rat Pack Tribute

In 1987, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. reunited to announce they would be performing together again, reviving their Rat Pack glory days of the 60’s.  But instead of taking the stage in a Las Vegas showroom as in times gone by, they would tour the U.S. in large concert halls.  And at their press conference, Frank made it clear that the words Rat Pack would not be in the title, expressing his dislike for the term when a reporter brought it up.  The tour would be called Together Again

Frank felt it would be good for Sammy, who had been experiencing financial difficulties, and good for Dean, whose emotional state had suffered since the loss of his son in a plane crash earlier in the year.  As the tour started, there was some friction between Frank and Dean, and Dean’s health was declining, so it was not totally surprising when Dean dropped out of the tour after only four performances.

But instead of scrapping the whole project, a replacement for Dean was brought in.  Frank and Sammy were joined by Liza Minnelli and the tour was renamed Frank, Liza and Sammy, The Ultimate Event.

It was a good mix, and went on to become a success for Frank, Sammy and Liza.  Liza had been around Frank all of her life and said that she had first seen him on stage when she was four years old.  And she said about Frank “He may be Frank Sinatra to most people, but he’s Uncle Frank to me”.

Not too long after the road trip concluded, Sammy passed away, and it’s said he was buried with a gold watch given to him by Frank at the conclusion of the Ultimate Event tour.

Today, audiences can see a Rat Pack Tribute show peformed by Las Vegas Rat Pack Impersonators, but Frank, Dean and Sammy’s Together Again was the original Rat Pack Tribute.


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